Jonny Cota: Fashion Extraordinaire Shares His Story

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episode 14: 'Aren Bahia - Out Of The Darkness With An Open Heart!'

Today we will be interviewing Aren Bahia, an entrepreneur and a coach. You don’t want to miss this episode! Aren is a truly inspirational spiritual hustler!

episode 13: 'Jonathan Armstrong - Inspirational Rise from 0 to Hero!'

Today we will be interviewing Jonathan Armstrong, founder of ministry of freedom, and talk about how he went from 0 to hero!

episode 12: 'Thatja Andrade - How To Have It All!!'

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to succeed in today’s world. In my work I’ve created a sisterhood that teaches you how to build a legacy by learning personal fulfilment and constant evolution to their next level of leadership, so they can live without worrying about what people will think about them.Tune in for more with Thatja!

episode 11: 'Danny Carlson - eCommerce Business!!!'

In todays episode we will be interviewing Danny Carlson, an amazon-commerce expert. Danny is a trailblazer! Be sure to tune in for never before disclosed methods!

episode 10: 'Lilith Moon - Healing The World'

Today we will be interviewing Lilith Moon, creator of shamanic yoga, and how she is helping heal the world! Don’t miss this episode!

episode 9: 'Taryn Lee - Creating Wealth Through Modern-Day Technology'

In this episode we will be interviewing Taryn Lee, founding brand partner of Healy & Conscious Entrepreneur. You will NOT want to miss what this powerful woman has to say!

episode 8: 'Leah Steele - Deconstruction Financial Slavery In Women'

Wealth Witch. Soul Diviner. Holistic Wealth Strategist. Paradigm Shifter. Author. Podcaster. Living an abundantly wealthy, magical, soul aligned life. On a mission to inspire and empower millions of women to wake up, repattern their wealth programming, and reclaim their divine right to BE WEALTHY in all areas of their lives.

episode 7: 'Jonny Cota Fashion Extraordinaire Shares His Story'

This week on Help Me Rhonda Show I’m beyond excited to share with you my interview with Jonny Cota, an extraordinary fashion designer. We’re talking about his journey from winning a million dollars in Amazon Prime produced “Making The Cut” show – to growing and expanding his brand in Bali & LA. Watch this video to find out all about his story and how he found his passion and purpose ✨

episode 6: 'Janine Hall - Interview with Serial Global Wellness Entrepreneur'

Today we will be interviewing Jannine Hall, the founder of the world’s number one women’s retreat, Escape Haven! You won’t want to missher story!

episode 5: 'Celine Da Costa - How People Get Into Their Best Self'

In this episode your host Rhonda Swan interviews Celinne Da Costa. Sometimes people don’t realise that they are self-sabotaging, and when it happens, it holds back all the uniqueness and the authenticity of someone or a brand’s true identity. We’ve all been in this situation, but we might not realise it, which is why in this week’s Help Me Rhonda Show, me and Celinne Da Costa, discuss “How To Reveal Your True Authenticity” & the key to be able to identify your own subconscious blocks.

episode 4: 'Helene Clabecq - How To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone & Make Change In The World'

Today we will be interviewing Helene Clabecq founder of Lives Disrupted, and get some insight on how her brand got started! Don’t miss his episode!

episode 3: 'Brian Swan - Interview with Unstoppable Surfer'

In this interview, I will be talking about a sexy brand and one I know too well, we are talking about the Unstoppable Surfer which is owned by my husband Brian Swan. He talks to us about how he wrote down his goals and made them become a reality and how his father inspired him to not only travel but taught him how life does have an expiration date, and how we should all be able to live our bucket list! The biggest thing to take out of all is this interview is to know that if you are not pursuing your own thing, as crazy as it might sound you really got to go for it, don’t let fear stop you it all starts with the first step. The main focus of the Unstoppable Surfer podcast is to interview people and let them share their story so that just in case someone is going through the same or similar situation they can relate and possibly become inspired to never give up!

episode 2: 'Kristin Thomas - How Being Vulnerable Help You Connect With Your Audience'

Meet Kristin Thomas, founder of the Health & Wellness Business School, which teaches health and wellness practitioners how to build sustainable, profitable, and heart-centered businesses. Thomas suffered from chronic illnesses for much of her life. Her battles with ulcerative colitis (an inflammatory bowel disease that causes ulcers in the digestive tract) and stressful work environments taught her that too many American companies don’t keep their employees’ health in mind. Like many other Americans, Thomas’s job overworked her and made her condition even worse.

episode 1: 'Leveraging Trauma for The Greater Good with Ryan Whitewolf'

This week I interview Ryan Whitewolf “Musician for the earth.” Ryan was recently featured in Forbes magazine next to Russell Brand talking about self sabotage and how we need to heal our past in order to move into our futures. He is an advocate for saving the Amazon and protecting the ancient wisdom that comes from the elders. His music infuses ancestral prayer and chants from indigenous tribes reminding us to get back into balance with nature. This interview will be one to watch in 2020.

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