The Heart Strings Project

Who we are

Rhonda Swan & Ryan Whitewolf have teamed up to bring the joy of music on a spritual, culutal, and ancestrial vibration to the children of Bali. Being a Mother, and living on Bali for the last six years, Rhonda’s heartstrings were pulled when she learned that there are thousands of children living on the streets and dumpster sites on Bali and hundreds in orphanages needing help. Ryand & Rhonda wanted to do something, so when they learned about S.O.S Children’s Villages Bali and their work they presented an idea to the King of Kerambitan of a charity initiative to help give orphaned kids the chance to play and learn music. The Heartstrings Project was born.

Rhonda Swan

Ryan Whitewolf

About Heart Strings Projects

The Heart Strings Project is a vision created by musician, Ryan Whitewolf and whole heartedly embraced by Rhonda Swan after a conversation they had about the impact music and frequency can have on the development of the human spirit, especially children.

Whitewolf was taken from his mother at 6 weeks old and sent to a foster home for care where he was adopted by an Australian family.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage self expression by highlighting the power of music. We aid in expressing emotions, giving the children of Bali a sense of home within themselves, and a creative outlet. Music is used to empower their lineage, their culture, and their language. We aim to put an instrument in each students hand and unleash the potential of self expression through the beautiful gift of music, culure, spirituality, and love.

What we do

We empower orphaned and underprivileged children in Bali with the gift of music, potentially giving them a skill to support themselves in the future, and a tool to express themselves and transform their emotions into art.

We Sponsor Instruments

The Heart Strings Projects provides instruments to our instructors in exchange for donation of their time for guitar & violin lessons to the S.O.S. village children at the Palace of Kerobitan each week.

We Provide Transportation

We provide free transportation for all students and instructors to and from lessons each week. Transportation is a crucial obstacle for our students to overcame, we make it easy.

We Prepare Delicious Food

Each week we source and provide healthy meals for all of our students and instructors.  A well-rounded, nutritious meal plan for our students is paramount to providing an ideal learning environment.

What we have achieved

Our first fundraising event was to create a music program for the orphans at SOS children’s village in Bali.
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Watch our 1st lesson.

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Ryan Whitewolf & Sundaram Strings

2021 Goals

$15,000 classroom with A/C for focus and protection of instraments. Place for proper learning with music stands & chairs. Place to record & practice. The gift of music is a skill they can take with them for the rest of their life. Every donation is fully transparent 100% will be donated to the S.O.S Childrens Villages and Heartstrings Projects.

Help put a smile on a childs face. With the gift of music.

Make A Monthly Donation

$10 – Buys 1 child food and water for a week
$20 – Covers monthly music lessons
$50 – Buys 1 child daily meals, fresh water, and music lessons for 1 month
$90 –  Covers the salaries of our cleaning and lesson  preparation staff  at the Palace as well as fresh water and cups
$250 –  Pays 4 string players monthly salaries for teaching the kid’s each week.

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