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Be sure to tune in to these SIX incredible women’s episodes. These diving women faced losing it all and realized that givng up was NOT an option! #beinspired #GOWILD

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Today, I introduce six exceptional Authors in our new Women Gone wild book; allison larsen, annieca acker, camille robb, dame doria cordova, katrina sawa, and loretta wetzel

Here is The LAST episode in Women Gone Wild Series! But really, we’re just getting this movement started! Last month was completely wild; if you hadn’t noticed, I have been interviewing the authors of the best-selling book in over 21 different categories – Women Gone Wild! Today’s episode is a total treat! You will meet the remaining six authors and recognized international speakers; Dame Doria Cordova, Camille Robb, Allison H. Larsen, Loretta Wetzel, Katrina Sawa, and Annieca Acker and get to hear why they chose to do WGW! The best part is these women will be speakers at the Women Gone Wild Summit happening September 28th – October 1st, along with 44 other women coming out to share their stories! We are sending out a registration – Make sure you don’t miss it! These women have all turned their gift and passion into thriving businesses and empires that change people’s lives. And that to me, is a wildness that needs to be shared! Let’s come together to talk about the money, the passion, and the heartache! Let’s Lead with a mission and turn it into profit! Join thousands of other women and me as we embark on this global and dynamic shift. SAVE THE DATE September 28th – October 1st. #Wild is the new currency. Come and be wild with us: wgwsummit.com I CAN’T WAIT!

part 1: Streamed Live On Instagram To 316,000+ Viewers

Todays episode is a total treat! You will meet the remaining six authors and internationally recognized speakers. This episode is filled with inspiration and positive vibes. Learn how these women decided giving up was not an option!

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Part 2 is the LAST episode in The Women Gone Wild Series! But really, we’re just getting this movement started!

allison larsen

Founder of The Speakers Coalition, Co-Founder of Legendary

Allison H Larsen is a renowned Intuition Expert, Author, Media Host and Speaker. She has been featured on stages, media and virtual platforms around the world including Fox, City Summit, The Women’s Economic Forum, The Hollywood Entrepreneur and more. In 2016 she wrote and published the book, Soul Intuition. Allison hosted and own cable tv show, Spotlight, which aired in California from 2016-2019. She is the co-owner of the Influencers Channel on Voice America where she also hosts the show. Spotlight: The Allison H Larsen Show.
In 2016 Allison founded The Speakers Coalition where she has worked with some of the world’s top speakers and stages. Her clients have included professional athletes, olympians, world-renowned speakers and well-known influencers, as well as up and coming speakers. She has received multiple awards for her work in the speaking world such as The Award in Excellence presented to her by the City Summit Foundation, as well as The Super Connector Award presented by Les Brown through The Winner’s Circle Mastermind. Allison also founded Speaker House Publishing in 2019 which has published over 2 dozen best-sellers. Today Allison enjoys leading Legendary Retreats all over the world with her husband where high-performing intuitive entrepreneurs gather to align with their greatness. She also enjoys working with women teaching them the art of femintuition. Allison’s greatest loves include being married to her handsome husband, being the mother, step-mom and mother-in-law to 10 children, and eating chocolate.

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annieca acker

Founder and CEO of Annieca Financial Group

Annieca is a serial entrepreneur, sought-after business strategist, transformational leader, national speaker, and a mentor to mission-driven entrepreneurs around the world. She helps business owners create systems, hire and inspire the teams and identify game-changing strategies that enable your business to scale and truly support the lifestyle and impact you want. Annieca is a visionary on a mission to inspire people to create a life by their own design. Annieca is an award-winning, nationally recognized insurance and nancial industry expert. She’s host of The Game Changing podcast and author of the upcoming book Born to Rise. She’s also a graduate of Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership Leadership program. Having a passion for health and tness, as well, she is regularly sought out for her results in the world of active living. Annieca is the proud Momma to three fabulous sons and ve amazing grandchildren keeping her young at heart and in spirit.

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dame doria cordova

CEO / Owner of Excellerated Business Schools / Money & You

CEO / Owner of Excellerated Business Schools® / Money & You® – the organization that brought to the world the Entrepreneurial, Experiential, Transformational educational programs (now both off- and on-line), since 1979 with nearly 200,000 graduates from over 85 countries. The renowned Money & You program has inspired some of today’s best-known business education and wealth experts, thus it has touched the lives of millions globally. She is a Sustainability Entrepreneur; a Global Transformational Leader; a Mentor of Nurturing and works closely with leaders, inuencers and change-makers. She is humanitarian, philanthropist, a best-selling author and has been in countless digital events, podcasts, lms and book series. She is a Global Business Developer for organizations that are in alignment with her purpose: to uplift humanity’s consciousness through socially-responsible businesses. One of her missions is to transform educational systems around the world and eradicate poverty and hunger – another, the greening of the world. All the endeavors that she is involved in must be in alignment with those missions.

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camille robb

CEO of Just Fabulous Care

Fabulous Camille Robb is the CEO of Just Fabulous Care Corp , JFC Global Concierge Service , JFC Global / Global Speaker / Mentor / Entrepreneur / Investor / An Advocate for Children for over 25 years . Fabulous Camille Robb is highly energetic, hard working , full of smiles and has over 25 years of progressive experience caring for children and adults of all ages. Fabulous has the ability to care for a newborn, interact with a toddler, mentor a teenager, and make the elderly smile all in one day. Camille always takes pride in her work, when she sets her mind on something, she puts all her effort into it. She is extremely determined and passionate in everything that she touches, she puts her heart and soul into her work. Camille is a true leader, she is also a wonderful team player. She manages to foster positive discussions and brings the best out of others. She possesses a proven track record of delivering professional care, while engaging children in a broad variety of stimulating activities. Camille Robb has been married for 28 years and has two children of her own. She has owned and operated a daycare for over 10 years. Her philosophy is to make a positive impact in each Child’s life by providing a broad base of cognitive, intellectual, and emotional support. She has owned and operated a student exchange program that hosts students from around the world such as China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Africa, Australia, Japan, and many more countries. She used her skills to create a secure and nurturing environment while supporting each student to achieve their educational goals. Her compassion to help feed the disadvantage is exhibited in her community-based food pantry program that feeds hundreds of people in the community. In addition, she provides toys and clothes to underprivileged children. She is compassionate, kind hearted, hardworking, dependable, and tenacious in ensuring any assigned task is completed expeditiously. Fabulous Camille Robb is on the board of Directors with Dr. Phillips Chamber ,Member of WOAMTEC Group African American Group, Project Feeding Kids, Embraced Families , WWCA Florida Chapter.

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loretta wetzel

CEO, The Wetzel Group, Inc and Heart 2 Wealth, LLC/ Founder of IAMLOVEMOVEMENT

Loretta Wetzel aka Mama Soul Wisdom is a prominent family entrepreneur expert, business owner and transformational leader. She is best known for her infectious smile and her ability to empower families by unlocking their freedom through business ownership. Loretta founded The Wetzel Group, Inc. 10+ years ago and netted $80,000 in her rst real estate deal. Since then, she has completed multiple protable deals through real estate education. Utilizing 40+ years of combined work experience, Loretta has successfully faced problems parents encounter today including time management, good health habits and work/life balance. She achieved her MBA degree while working full-time and raising her family of three children with spouse, Perran. Loretta has appeared on multiple stages and is the Founder of #iamlovemovement where she interviews individuals who triumph over tragedy through love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Loretta passionately shares OLD school wisdom for a NEW generation so families can live their biggest and best life!

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katrina sawa

CEO of JumpstartYourBizNow.com and JumpstartPublishing.net, 9x Int'l Best-Selling Author

Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear. Katrina is a 9x Int’l Best-Selling Author with 14 books including Love Yourself Successful, Jumpstart Your New Business Now, and the Jumpstart Your _ series. She is the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing® System, Jumpstart Yourself as a Speaker System and Jumpstart Your Biz in 90 Days System. Katrina founded her business to serve thousands of businesses around the world. She enjoys inspiring, motivating and educating entrepreneurs, speakers and professionals to move faster and more affordably towards your ultimate revenue and professional goals using online and offline relationship marketing strategies, leveraged business models and ongoing accountability.
Katrina is an energetic, tell-it-like-it-is speaker and award-winning coach who has been featured on the
Oprah and Friends XMRadioNetwork, ABC and TheCW. She’s a featured contributor to the Women Speakers Association, Women’s Coaching Association, Women’s Prosperity Network, Polka Dot
Powerhouse and the Public Speakers Association of which she was awarded the National Collaborator of the Year Award. Katrina is also a two-time nominee for the Wise Woman Award with the National
Association of Women Business Owners and a member of a dozen or more women or entrepreneurial organizations. Katrina also runs the Int’l Speaker Network to empower entrepreneurs and speakers to use speaking to grow and monetize their businesses. The ISN has twice monthly webinars where speakers can connect, collaborate and even speak: www.iSpeakerNetwork.com
With 35 years’ experience in sales, business and marketing Katrina speaks to groups of all sizes and works with dozens of different kinds of industries and businesses. She lives in Northern California with her husband Jason, step-daughter Riley and their German Shepherd Willow. You can find out more about Katrina and her Free Trainings at https://www.JumpstartYourBizNow.com/freetrainings.

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Women Powerhouses Come Together with Their Feminine Energy to Create Change. In this episode we start to tap into the benefits and power of aligning your feminine energy and learning to embrace your identity and move to higher consciousness.

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