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With a repertoire that connects – or reconnects – us to the natural rhythms of the planet, Ryan’s voice is a direct reminder of the power of nature, and the power of music to heal our discontented souls.
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Today, I introduce the bali street mum ambasador, the inspirational, the selfless: jamillah beresford

For this week’s The Rhonda Swan Show, My special guest is Jamillah Beresford. She is the Ambassador for the Bali Street Mums Project where they help take kids off of the streets and educate moms to earn a living. There are kids all over this country that need help and hope and the Bali Street Mums Project is doing incredible things to help them.
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Jamillah Beresford

Ambassador for the Bali Street Mums Project

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Today we will be interviewing Jamilah Beresford, the general manager of Amo Spa and also the ambassador for Bali’s street mom project. Don’t miss this episode!

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