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With a repertoire that connects – or reconnects – us to the natural rhythms of the planet, Ryan’s voice is a direct reminder of the power of nature, and the power of music to heal our discontented souls.
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Today, I introduce the connector, the master networker, and the tropical nomad founder: sascha win

This week I interview Sascha Win the CEO of B.I.G TRIBE Bali, where he reveals what is happening in 2020 for B.I.G. Tribe & Mastserminds.
The BIG Forum is the top mastermind hosted in Bali for Digital Nomads & Entrepreneurs, experts come together to share their wisdom with the local Canggu Community atTropical Nomad Coworking Space every month.

Learn More About the BIG Forum and Join The Community to stay updated on all the events that will be hosted in 2020 around the world.

sascha win

B.I.G. Forum CEO

Sascha Win is a former Dentist & is the Founder of B.I.G Tribe. B.I.G is an international Tribe of passionate & growth-driven entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, start-ups, digital nomads & more with a sharing-first mentality.

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Today we will be interviewing Sacha Win, a dentist , crypto currency investor and one of the largest mastermind creators here in Bali Indonesia. Don’t miss this episode!

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